curated by Clintel Steed for BFP Creative

Figurative paintings by
Avital Burg
Jonathan Harkham
Catherine Lepp
Samuel Levy
Sangram Majumdar
Graham Nickson
Janice Nowinski
Kaz Ooka
Rachel Robinson
Kyle Staver
Clintel Steed

Self Portrait, by Rachel Robinson.

Temporary Storage Gallery
119 Ingraham St., ground floor
Brooklyn, NY 11237

June 24th-July 29th 2016
Opening reception June 24th, 6-10 pm
Closing reception July 29th, 6-8 pm

Adapted from a statement by the curator and artist, Clintel Steed--

“During millennia of human art making, I feel that the one thing that always keeps us coming back to figurative art is the mystery of the figure, the complexity of it. Through time, at the real moments of understanding what is important and what matters, we come back to the figure. To understand the universe, life, pain happiness... I think that all the paintings I’ve selected are a dialogue, a representation of the need to understand and express the human form, and the passion to express our relationship with ourselves and our reaction to the world that we exist in.

I hope that people come away from (Human Mysteries) with the feeling of a frozen moment of the human experience, to be better understood and to be remembered!”

(Human Mysteries) closes to the public July 29th. Gallery hours are by appointment, 12-6 pm Wednesday - Friday. Walk-ins may have to wait a short time to access the show. The gallery is open to the public (no appointment necessary) on Saturdays during the run of the show, 12-6 pm, with access through Terra Firma. For more information, please visit bfpcreative.com/human-mysteries/. To schedule a viewing or for any additional information please contact Hazel Lee Santino at creative@brooklynfireproof.com or 646-491-1730

Large Gallery / 105

Small Gallery / 104