The Witching-Other

Temporary Storage Gallery @ Brooklyn Fire Proof
119 Ingraham Street (ground floor)
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Opening: June 1st   7-10pm
On View: Junes 1st - June 29th

Trey AbdellaKat ClearWillie GurnerRoxanne JacksonAlexis KarlJosh KilAndrea MarcelesLoren NosanAya OgasawaraKat RyalsCharlie ShieldsBrian SparrowEliza Swann

Rather than reclaim the identity of Witch as to neutralize its' negative history, these artists celebrate their oppositional identity of “the other”. Witch is empowerment in its’ opposition to mainstream identities. To be “other” is to exist, proudly and defiantly, as an act of resistance to cultural norms. The weight of nonconformity — the existence, perseverance, and power of women, queers, femmes, and the systematically disadvantaged is as much a thing to be cherished as it is feared. Through the resurgence of magic, mysticism, esoterica, and the occult, these artists fearlessly challenge the foundation of what is considered “acceptable.”

This exhibition claims the contemporary identity of the Witch as the transcendent and ultimate archetype of Otherness.

Curated by Colin J. Radcliffe