Passion Fruit


Temporary Storage Gallery 104 @ Brooklyn Fire Proof
119 Ingraham Street (ground floor),
Brooklyn NY 11237

Opening: April 6th, 6-9pm
On View: April 6th - May 4th
Gallery hours: Friday-Monday, 12 to 6 pm & by appointment

In Passion Fruit we are looking to foster discussions and raise questions related to sex, intimacy, love, and power dynamics in our current socio-political climate. To what extent does sex play into, or against, the power dynamics of a relationship? What of our longing for closeness? Or our lust and repulsion for the body? How does gender identity affect intimacy and love? Both heteronormative and queer mythologies are being challenged, questioned, or reaffirmed by media, government, and social trends today. Individual experiences may not aline with the general social and cultural assumptions of sex and intimacy, so how do we reconcile differences?

This group exhibition is as much an archiving of varied experiences as it is a free and open discourse. During the course of the exhibition we will host an open panel discussion to explore ideas and lived experiences both within the context of the show and the broader contemporary culture.


Participating Artists:

Burr Dodd founded Brooklyn Fire Proof in 1999 which began as an art gallery and studios and has since grown into a collective of several arts and real estate based companies in Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley. Dodd recently exhibited work in Satellite Art Show curated by Christopher Stout in 2017, has presented work with Trans-cen-der Art Crit Group, and has been written about in the NY Times.

Erik Bergrin is a fiber artist with a background in theatrical costuming represented by The Industry MGMT. Bergrin has an upcoming solo show at Marlborough Gallery in May 2018.

Eve Brown is a mixed media collaborative artist from Atlanta, GA. Brown had a solo exhibition at Portal Gallery titled Alchemy, has exhibited with FOUR-D twice, and attended the prestigious Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art in 2015.

Lisa Levy is the winner of the 2017 NYC Miss Subways Pageant written about in The Gothamist, received a video feature from Bedford + Bowery for her show 'The Artist is Humbly Present', and is known for her radio show 'Dr. Lisa Gives a Sh*t'. Levy has exhibited with Bushwick-based Art During the Occupation Gallery twice.

Justin Liam O'Brien is currently a resident at Trestle Projects. O'Brien recently exhibited in TEN X TEN with YoungSpace, and has presented at Trans-cen-der Art Crit Group in 2018.

Julia Oldham is a residency alumn of Residency Unlimited and founder of Opossum House in Eugene, OR. Oldham has exhibited at MoMa PS1the Bronx Museum of ArtSmithsonian Hirshhorn Museum, and the Dia Foundation, to name a few.

Jody Paulsen is represented by SMAC Gallery in South Africa. Paulsen recently had a solo titled Pushing Thirty at SMAC, and has exhibited his work at Untitled Art Fair in Miami,  Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art (MOCAA), and the Guggenheim Museum in Spain. Paulsen has been interviewed for Indie Channel, written about in ArtForum, and is part of the fashion and design duo, Adriaan Kuiters. 

Hazel Lee Santino is the former in-house curator for Temporary Storage gallery, having organized shows there including LuminaryBehind the White Walls, and New Mistress vs. Old Athenians. Santino has exhibited her own work at galleries such as Silas Von Morisse GalleryArt Helix, and DAVID & SCHWEITZER Contemporary in Bushwick, and Blanc Gallery in the Philippines. Her first solo show, Storms with Women's Names, opens June 1st at Art During the Occupation Gallery in Temporary Storage gallery.

Colin J. Radcliffe has attended and exhibited work at The Wassaic Project residency twice. Radcliffe has most recently exhibited work in 'Queer Eye Rococo' at Naming Gallery, 'Linear Anagram' curated by Christopher Stout at Satellite Art Show, and in 'Dimensions of Alterity' at Paradice Palase. In October 2017, Radcliffe had a solo exhibition, 'Uninvited Guests', curated by Hazel Lee Santino at Temporary Storage Gallery.