Maya Meissner. Rovereto, Italy, 2013.

Maya Meissner. Rovereto, Italy, 2013.

Landscapes, Seascapes, Skyscapes, Escapes.

As a reminder of what lies just beyond New York City (and hidden within the city itself), BFP Creative is putting together a show of work that depicts the natural world. Let’s celebrate beauty, sentimentality and awe.

Featuring the contemporary landscape works of 60 artists from New York City and beyond.

Joel Adas
Steven Baines
Fran Beallor
Robert C. Beck
Sarah Max Beck
Jaci Berkopec
Colleen Blackard
Ewelina Bochenska
Collin Clarke
Stacey Cushner
Jonathan Detrixhe
Carol Diamond
Cathy Diamond
Maureen Drennan
Hannah Drossman
Jon Duff
Patricia Fabricant
Ryan Michael Ford
Philip Gerstein
Dan Gratz
Carl Gunhouse
Peter Gynd
Julian Hatton
Meredith Hoffheins
Lesley Humphreys
Jordin Isip
Honee Jang
Maki Kaoru
Noah Klersfeld
Melanie Kozol
Donna Levinstone
Glenn Lieberman
Eliot Markell
Suchitra Mattai
Warwick McLeod
Maya Meissner
Oliver Michaels
Nick Naber
Sharilyn Neidhardt
Jason Phillips
Jonathan Quinn
Rachel Rinehart
Scott Robinson
Nigel Rollings
Daryl-Ann Saunders
Helen Selsdon
Clintel Steed
Lorene Taurerewa
Jeanne Tremel
Marilyn Turtz
Victoria Veedell
Andre von Morisse
Gillian Wainwright
Jenyu Wang
Shoshannah White
Frank Webster
Mika Yokobori
Dan Zeller
Alice Zinnes

Using a historically significant genre, these artists are contributing to a larger discussion about important contemporary issues, including sustainability and global climate change.


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Temporary Storage Gallery
119 Ingraham St., ground floor
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Show dates: March 25th-April 22nd 2016
Opening reception March 25th, 6-10 pm
Closing reception April 22nd, 6-11 pm
Gallery hours (other than receptions and posted events): Wednesday-Friday, 12-6 by appointment. Saturdays are open to the public without an appointment, 12-6 pm (enter galleries through Terra Firma bar). Contact 646-491-1730 or to schedule your visit. Drop-in visitors may have to wait a short time to be admitted.
Show will continue online at this address, as well as in our online store.






Excerpt: 17:12:34 - 17:14:20 by Noah Klersfeld

BFP Creative will be donating our net profits from LANDSCAPES to SaneEnergyProject (SEP), a New York-based organization that uses art as a communication and education tool while working toward a sane energy future that includes shutting down fossil fuel infrastructure and building a just transition toward renewable energy.

While selecting the work for LANDSCAPES from an open call for submissions, Thomas Burr Dodd (artist and founder of Brooklyn Fire Proof) wanted to build and share a collection of beautiful, sentimental work praising the natural world. In the forefront of his thoughts about nature was anxiety, however—anxiety over the culmination of generations of disrespect for the earth. The landscape as a subject enables artists to preserve the world or idealize it, but also to reveal brutality inflicted upon the earth. In his words:

“I have such a deep fear for the effects of global climate change that my children will face in the not-so-distant future. I have been able to enjoy this beautiful planet; she has provided me so much inspiration, joy and sustenance. Unfortunately, I have been too stressed, distracted or tired to fully take into account how my own actions have contributed to her climatic destabilization. LANDSCAPES is about pausing for a moment to think personally about the world around us. There is so much to be inspired by. My hope is this reflection will empower us all to make real changes in our own lives, and for the world as a whole.”

LANDSCAPES is just one of many shows that BFP Creative is planning around the earth and the environment, specifically issues of sustainability and global climate change. We hope to broaden this discussion by inviting people from a wide array of fields and organizations to contribute their stories, suggestions, environmentally-conscious new inventions (such as heating systems and cooling systems!) - anything that can help inspire, motivate, or assist regular people avoid collective suicide.

Nothing matters more to the survival of all humanity than saving our LANDSCAPES. Without a hospitable planet we cannot exist, let alone make and experience art.

Email suggestions and solutions to: