We have enjoyed the privilege of being able to make art. We had the resources to do so as children, and have found ways to integrate art-making into our adult lives. Art has become a crucial outlet; we can capture moments or joy or work through our anger and sadness.

Even with all the satisfaction and serenity that it provides, art-making is often frustrating and disappointing. Many children and young adults give up making art because they are not encouraged to continue, or are told they lack talent, or do not have the resources to continue past a hurdle.

The ability to make art is not some talent that some are born with and others are not. Great art is expression, not technical ability.

BFP Creative is rooted in Bushwick, Brooklyn, but also expanding with a new outpost in Newburgh, NY.  We want to be that encouragement for children to keep making art, and also to help bring art back into the lives of adults who have lost it.