Hosted by Brooklyn Fire Proof and programmed by Brooklyn Fire Proof Stages manager Kenneth Filmer in Association with Comic Arts Brooklyn.

November 6th, 2016
At Brooklyn Fire Proof,
120 Ingraham St.
Food and drinks available at Terra Firma.

FREE – 6pm/sundown – Seating available for approximately 220, first-come, first-served. 
Co-Presenting Sponsors: CartunaBrooklyn Horror Film Festival, and Animation Nights New York

Color Giants: Brooklyn Animation Expo 2016 on November 6th, 2016, at 6pm is multi-arts and film complex Brooklyn Fire Proof’s first collaborative screening event with Desert Island’s annual Comic Arts Brooklyn festival. Brooklyn Fire Proof film programmer Kenneth Filmer says of the event “I’m a massive fan of Desert Island books, and owner Gabe Fowler was familiar with some of my past screening events and offered me the opportunity to program the film portion of his annual festival, and I said yes immediately.” The program brings in co-presenters Cartuna, the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, and Animation Nights New York to create a neat cross-section of recent works by local and international film animation artists and runs through an amazing gamut of styles, techniques, and formats. Brooklyn Fire Proof’s on-site restaurant and bar, Terra Firma, will be open serving food and drinks. Admission is free, but seats are limited. (Please note that most of the programming is for adults only.)

6:00pm – “International Showcase of Animated Films,” 2015, 68 Minute
Animation Nights New York (ANNY) is a curated, free admission monthly animation screening and networking event held in the South Street Seaport of NYC. This is an encore presentation of their 2015 worldwide showcase, curated by ANNY founder Yvonne Grzenkowicz. It includes films by Stephanie Blakely, Mehdi Alibeygi, Nelson Fernandes, Liu Yanchi, Serafirma Serafimova, Ana Norambuena, Csi Nos, Nassos Vakalis, Joanna Quinn, Dhaneesh Jameson Kooliyath, Stewart Powers, Germán Velasco, Slippard Krongraksa, Dina Velikovskaya, LO SiJia, and Kyriaki Kyriakou & Remus Buznea.

7:30pm – “Dirty Morning Cartoons,” 2016, 60 minutes
Sear your eyes on this selection of fun- time indie cartoons that will surely make your inner-child recess deep into your psyche and wither away. Featuring original shorts from Justin Roiland, Sick Animation, Leah Shore, Nick DenBoer, Felix Colgrave, Jeanette Bonds, Jaime R., Ian Miller, Sean Glaze, Cool 3D World, Signe Baumane, Lena Greene, Rob Yulfo, Sven Stoffels, Preston Spurlock, Joey Altadonna, and Pat Kain plus illustrations by Killer Acid, Wizard Skull, and MAXX. Presented by Cartuna, a new digital media brand focused on animated comedy for adults. Only adults will be admitted to this program.

8:45pm – “Graphic Content” 2016, 57 minutes.
A collection of would-be-R-rated animated short films presented by the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, put together especially for “Color Giants.” 2016 is the first year of the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, and their inaugural event received major accolades from the press. This brand-new program includes shorts by Kevin McTurk, James Cunningham, Zachary Schneer & Matt Choi, Owen Rixon, Kyle Greenburg, Tyler Rice, and Jason Petrovitch.

10:15pm – Seoul Station, 2016, 92 minutes, South Korea
Yeon Sang-ho’s animated prequel to his live-action zombie film Train to Busan premiered at the 2016 Edinburgh Film Festival, is currently doing the festival circuit and will be released in 2017. Hollywood Reporter describes the film as “a simple, thrilling ride through a fiend-infested world” with “a narrative in perpetual, gripping motion.”

Adapted from Brooklyn Fire Proof Stages' press release for the event.